The Australian Football League

The Australian Football League (AFL) is a professional league of Australian Rules Football in Australia. In its earlier days, the competition was known as the Victoria Football association as only teams from the Victoria state participated but in the 1990 season the name was changed to the AFL and opened up to teams from other states in Australia. Through the AFL commission, the league is run by a professional body who also set the rules of the game. A total of eighteen teams participate in the league with teams from Australias six state with the exception of Tasmania. Teams from China and New Zealand have also taken part in the league though there are no professional teams in these countries hence very little of the sport is known abroad.

With the continued popularity of the game, the AFL has established a women’s league that is broadcast in Australia with eight teams taking part in the competition. It leaves to be seen if the game will be adapted in other regions around the world and the amount of support the game will get. Betting companies have in recent days started offering AFL betting markets.

Australian Rules Football

Australian football commonly referred to as footy, Football or Aussie rules is a contact sports game that is played by two teams with eighteen players and involves kicking an oval-shaped ball with points being scored for kicking the ball between the goal sticks (six points) or behind the posts (one point). Players are allowed to move the ball using any body part during gameplay and can either kick, handball and move with the ball though there are some rules that should be followed such as if hand-balling you are supposed to dribble the ball on the ground as you move.

Match duration and game structure

Similar to Unibet Euro 2020, The game consists of four quarters each lasting for twenty minutes with a timekeeper officiating the game duration. In instances of scores, the ball goes out of play or there are other interruptions, the timekeeper stops the watch until play resumes. Lower leagues might adopt different game durations which vary from the professional game time.