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Are you looking for rugby related information on the internet, but have not yet come across the right site? We welcome you to our site, where you will get all information related to rugby and the Australian Football League. We have dedicated sections on this site with each section highlighting different aspects of the sport, such as information related to the World Rugby Sevens series, the Super Rugby competition, how teams are preparing for the 2019 Rugby World Cup and some information on the Australian Football League.

The Sport of Rugby

Rugby is a celebrated sport with a rich history and fans from all corners of the world. There are two types of rugby games in terms of the number of players and the play time. The Fifteen-aside variety is played by two teams with a total of 15 infield players and up to 8 substitutes. The game is divided into two halves lasting 40 minutes each. The Seven-aside alternative, on the other hand, is played by 7 members from each team and the game lasts for just 14 minutes, with 7 minutes per half. The rules of the game also differ between the two types of rugby and each is run under different systems, such as leagues, clubs, management, and conferences.

The Rugby Sevens Series

Known as the HSBC Rugby Sevens Series, this event involves national sevens teams participating in an annual series of tournaments that are held across 10 countries over 6 continents and usually starts in late November every year. The Hong Kong tournament is the highlight of the series and a total of 28 teams take part and, as opposed to the other tournaments that are two-day events, the Hong Kong event is spread across three days.

Rugby World Cup 2018

This continental event will start in November 2019 with teams making their final preparations ahead of the tournament. This section will bring you all the news related to the World Cup that you need to know, including the betting information that will allow you to place an informed bet. We have also selected some favourite teams, including those from the Northern Hemisphere who pose a big threat to the teams from Asia and the Pacific Islands.

Super Rugby Competition

The Super Rugby is an interesting competition, with an ever-changing format in the number of teams participating and with some teams shifting to the Pro14 league in the Northern Hemisphere. We highlight some of the happenings in this competition and give a brief history of how and when the competition was started.

Australian Football League

The Australian Football league is gaining interest from around the world, with the game having roots in Australia. Read through this section for information related to the Aussie rule game and find out how the world is opening up to this interesting game.